Arta Tequila Extra Anejo – Coming Soon

Information about Arta Tequila Extra Anejo was provided by Arta Tequila: Arta Tequila is a small-batch distiller of handcrafted tequila. Which means every batch is special-however this one is Extra special! If you walk to the back of the aging room, beyond the oak casks, you’ll find an even smaller batch of tequila hidden and […]

Hijo Predilecto Tequila “Ultra Aged” Rated 98 Points

Hijo Predilecto Tequila Rated 98 Points

Herradura Tequila – Seleccion Suprema, Rated 91 Points


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El Rey

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Tequila Classification

Recently we have been asked by various readers why the classification for Reposado tequila is sometimes referred to as Aged tequila and why Anejo tequila is sometimes referred to as Extra Aged. The answer is simple but we decided to have Irma from the CRT Certification Control department provide the definitions located in the Tequila […]

La Bicicleta Cantina

The Critico March 2012

Bonita Platinum Tequila – Good, but missing something

Bonita Tequila Platinum

Julio Cesar Chavez Tequila Delivers a Knockout 92 Point Reposado

Julio Cesar Chavez Tequila Reposado

3 Amigos Tequila Silver – Rated 93 Points

3 Amigos Tequila

3 Amigos Tequila Silver Tequila Rating: 93 Points Rated Month/Year: December 2012 Bottle No: 3AMIGOS/SILVERORGANICO/001 06/09/2011 NOM: 1499 The Critico® Tasting Notes: Visually 3 Amigos Tequila Silver had a full body with great clarity. The aroma had notes of dry fruit (apple), brown sugar, hints of cinnamon, and nice cooked agave. The taste contained a […]

Top 10 Tequilas of 2012

The top 10 tequilas of 2012 are announced by The Critico® It is no secret that The Critico® is amongst one of the most respected Tequila Rating Company’s in the world. The tasting team is lead by its Founder Jose Delapaz (Certified by the Mexican Academy of Tequila as Tequilier y Catador – Experto en […]

Trademark Office approved the registration of “THE CRITICO”

It’s official! The United States Patent and Trademark Office approved the registration of “THE CRITICO” (Reg. No. 4,240,952), on-line magazine in the field of tequila. Our logo is now updated with the “R” (rights reserved).