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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bonita Tequila

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Bonita Tequila PlatinumBonita Tequila | Platinum
Tequila Rating: 85 Points
Rated Month/Year: February 2013
Bottle No: 1712 | 2012
NOM: 1137

Recently we received a sample of Bonita Tequila Platinum. With that said let me tell you that we rated this blanco “Good”, with some room for improvement. The tequila had a low alcohol impact to the palate and was smooth. In our opinion Bonita Tequila Platinum is not bad, but it does need further development to become an excellent blanco.

Although they make a point to distinguish Bonita Tequila Platinum as the only five times distilled tequila, we feel there is a reason why this is not done on a normal basis with other tequila brands. When you start to distill Blanco tequila more than two times, you run a risk of stripping it from a core taste element, the agave.

In the case of Bonita Tequila Platinum, that has occurred. The taste profile was diminished with the distillation technique, and the agave essence was impacted. In our opinion, the taste profile had notes of liquid sugar and glycerin that created a slight unbalance in the taste profile and finish. With some improvement, Bonita Platinum could be an excellent blanco. In our blind tasting we rated Bonita Tequila Platinum 85 Points.

Disclosure: The comments made in this post are our opinion and views as Tequila Critics and do not represent the opinion or views of the Bonita Spirits Company. –The Critico®


About: Bonita Tequila (from http://bonitaspirits.com/)
“Beyond perfection.”
Bonita Tequila was founded based on a simple idea; that by combining modern technology with centuries-old tradition, we could create an ultra-premium tequila unlike anything the world has ever known.

Distilled 5 times, bottled in pure crystal and wrapped in satin, our tequila is an experience of luxury for hip, urban-savvy people who appreciate the finer things in life. Bonita is more than tequila; it is the highlight of an evening with friends, the crown jewel of bottle service at the finest clubs, the exclusive drink of the modern sophisticate

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