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Friday, September 30, 2016

DeLeon Tequila

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“2012 TOP 10 TEQUILA’s”
DeLeon Tequila | Anejo
Tequila Rating: 91 Points
Rated Month/Year: June 2012
Bottle No: LOTE A01
NOM: 1519

DeLeon Tequila | Reposado
Tequila Rating: Rating coming soon
Rated Month/Year: N/A
Bottle No: N/A

DeLeon Tequila | Diamante
Tequila Rating: Rating coming soon
Rated Month/Year: N/A
Bottle No: N/A

DeLeon Tequila | Extra Anejo
Tequila Rating: Rating coming soon
Rated Month/Year: N/A
Bottle No: N/A

The Critico Tasting Notes: Visually the DeLeon Tequila – Anejo is dark in color which is usually found in extra anejo tequila or cognac. This is a full body spirit that will entice you with its slow forming tears and long sexy legs. The aroma has notes of sweet oak, tamarind, hot ponche*, raisin, dry plum, cinnamon, piloncillo**, and orange peel. On the first taste, the prickly wood and pepper notes awakened the palate to light tangy tastes of tamarind, young red cherry’s and light unsalted butter. The profile is well balanced but light on the overall taste. The finish is pleasing with very little to no burn, slightly dry but it kept our mouths salivating.

*Hot Ponche: A traditional hot Mexican drink that is common during the holidays, the ingredients are all natural and are boiled to create a tea like drink. Some of the ingredients include peeled tamarind, peeled apples, raisins, cinnamon stick, piloncillo, and orange peel.
**Piloncillo: An unrefined brown sugar from Mexico produced in “cone” shapes of various sizes.

About: (Information from http://www.deleontequila.com/main.html#/thejuice/)
DeLeón’s exceptionally elegant and flavorful Blanco was given its own name by the locals as a testament to its superiority. They call it Diamante. While sipping silver tequila is unheard of, with DeLeón, it has become the benchmark. We recommend the Diamante’s smooth taste be savored neat, on the rocks, or as the perfect base for the highest quality cocktails. The DeLeón Diamante is the world’s most versatile spirit.

In a class by itself, DeLeón’s beautiful honey amber Reposado should be sipped neat, or savored as the crowning ingredient in an ultra-premium cocktail. While the aging process and blend remains a guarded secret, the unmatched smoothness and purity of DeLeón’s Reposado is celebrated by tequila aficionados around the world.

The DeLeón Añejo is the embodiment of refined taste. The first in the world to be aged in Premiere Cru Sauternes barrels from the most revered wine makers of our time. With notes of butterscotch, mild wood and black cherry it is stunningly round and velvet-smooth. This spirit is exquisitely balanced with a finish that will leave you craving more.

The first of its kind, the DeLeón Extra Añejo is the only tequila in the world to present a cask-strength 102-proof tequila. Reminiscent of the finest of world-class scotches, this is a tequila for the very select and the very selective. For those who know better… it is know as the DeLeón 51.