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Friday, September 30, 2016

Manana Tequila

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“2012 TOP 10 TEQUILA’s”
Manana Tequila – Anejo
Tequila Rating: 92 Points
Rated Month/Year: June 2012
Bottle No: TMANE1145
NOM: 1414

Manana Tequila – Blanco
Tequila Rating: 83 Points
Rated Month/Year: June 2012
Bottle No: TMBCO1143
NOM: 1414

Manana Tequila – Reposado
Tequila Rating: 83 Points
Rated Month/Year: June 2012
Bottle No: TMREP1144
NOM: 1414

Quick Descriptor of Manana Tequila Anejo: Aroma contains sweet oak notes. Taste contains wood, caramel and fruit notes. The finish is pleasing with a light fruity after taste that remains on the palate

About: (Information from http://tequilamanana.com/html/english/aniejo.html)
The gold jewel of the crown.
The majority of the tequilas acquire the category of “aged” after a year in the barrel. Our superb Aged Unique Softness stays two long years in special barrels imported from Tennessee, United States, to become gold liquid and receive the best distinction that we can offer to one of our Tequilas. Its unique and complex taste, with tones of fruit and oak, is filled with style and exquisiteness at the same time. It posseses clear sweet notes that derive from its secret process in the plantation and extraction of the honeys from the agave plant; it is an authentic delight for the palate, the smell and the vision. Mañana Aged, the tequilas master piece of art, it is a drink to share with a special visit or simply just to make an evening become luminous, lived and unforgettable.

Mañana Aged, it is sample that with patience and dedication, excellence can be achieved.
Its level of alcohol reaches 40 degrees. It is delicious tequila that should preferably be enjoyed without mixing.

It possesses a characteristic clear amber color, from which it emits gold shades. Its fruity notes of pear stand out. In the oaks you can see vanilla color tones, caramel and brown.